Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowmen, the best thing about winter!

Jim and CMW were out shoveling, enjoying the snow and building snowmen! This picture includes her family and she continues to want to build more, 'how about g'ma and g'pa?' she said. Jim said, that's for another day.
Jim says 'she wants an army out there'.
I don't blame her, why wouldn't Claire continue to have fun, as long as her dad helps in building. :-} He was a little short on coal for the eyes and buttons, but with a little imagination, you'll be good to go!

Claire wouldn't look at the camera, but this is 'Claire' the snow-lady!

She says to me, 'Mom, I need a carrot for the nose!', I said 'alright'!

We continue to get snow, each day a little here or there and the wind continues to blow. Our street also continues to be slimmer and the sun peaks out every now and then. And i guess we look forward to more snow and of course, building more snowmen!


Megan @ Purple Dancing Dahlias said...

Love the snow people! We had a snowman but he got covered up by the new snow.

Lexie said...

and our's are being covered up once again by a storm! or at least snow.

Kim said...

Embracing winter with your kids! Great memory builder.