Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gift Giving, one thing I LOVE.

So, yes I love to give gifts and if I find something that I know someone would love and appreciate, it's hard to resist either buying it or making it. These are a few of my latest projects for others in the form of a gift.

Claire and Eleanore are giving their cousin G a ice cream play set for her birthday and I decided she needed an apron too. It might be a little long but I think she is going to like it.
It was so fun to just make it and not need a pattern.

Coasters I made for my SIL for Christmas. This was on her list and I thought I'd make her some since she didn't specify style or medium. So when she's done with them she won't feel bad about pitching them out. :-)
Cousin J got a doctor kit from CMW for Christmas and I thought he needed a bow tie and some glasses. So, I found the 'how to' at this site. It was so simple and fun to make, even if it does get lost at the bottom of the play bin.

What I don't have pictures of are the capes I made 3 special boys and the 7 pairs of mittens.
Friend Sarah gave me a pattern for mittens with a flip top to allow the fingers to be exposed without the whole hand. Similar to these. And I made 20 recycled feed bags for other people to give as gifts. These are not my favorite to make anymore but I am done for a few months. :-) Jim is actually going to help me make a new style with different handles and I am excite about this. He says "I need a something new for people to continue to want them.' . He is such an entrepreneur... I also made these diaper bags and covers for friends who are expecting babies. So fun! And this bag too. The fabric was hand picked by the one who is using it and it turned out great.

Now I am done, on to a new year and new projects. Now that is exciting!


Krisanne said...

Hey, that bag looks very familiar! Love it - it's so cute, and is being put to great use! Love you, friend!

Laura K. said...

That diaper bag is super cute! I love the colors! Presents from you always so treasured, you're a good gift giver.

Megan @ Purple Dancing Dahlias said...

G absolutely loves the apron and J does too! You are so creative, my stuff never has the window dressings like yours do. You always find that trim or ribbons that makes it extra special.

Lexie said...

Does it fit her well? I put it around Claire and it seems that there wasn't much room. You know, that ribbon was one of those from a $ bin and I didn't think i'd ever use it even.
I should make J a manly one :-) I'll look into it! But i'm sure he'd want to still wear G's... I know how it goes.