Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Friends since Elementary

We have been friends since elementary and we are still stuck.
Lexie (baby E), Sara (23 wks), Becky (26 wks), Sonja
We have a picture like this when Claire was about 6 mos. :-)

A group effort to pull off this baby shower was in effect and a great turn out for the day after Christmas! Friend Sara is from MT and this was the only time she'll be back to the area before baby is born. Becky is from our home town so it was making sure she'd be in town not out of town. Sara's sister planned a few great games and that's a plus coming from me since I don't like shower games. Home made lasagna was made by mom and Sara's mom, and extras brought by others. There even was good punch!
It was so fun to re-group and between Sonja and I, we picked the fabric out for the diaper bags and nursing covers. It was so fun to sew for these girls, one of my projects I really loved creating this Christmas season.

A basic messenger style bag with pockets inside and out! This is a very fun bag to make especially since I custom pick my fabric.

Nursing cover material, they turned out cute, I just hope they are not to hot. They seemed really thick since they reversible.


Melissa Joy said...

What a cute picture of you girls. Glad you were all able to get together. Seems so tricky now a days. Love your messenger bag. Very cute. Bumblebee fabric is cute too. The colored square fabric is on the back of my place mats and tablecloth that my mom made me. You sure are good with your sewing projects. Someday for me. :)

Lexie said...

M, the bumblebee fabric is from Walmart if you wanted to look for it, Sonja bought it so i'm not sure it would here but one never knows. I'm sure you could find something to do with it.