Monday, December 20, 2010

She's in the way just a little...

My sewing companion at midnight while everyone else is sleeping.
But she is in the way just a little.

This kitty might be a pistol, plays with my pins and elastic and bats at my needle while sewing but she does relax a little bit (just not always in the right spot).

My sewing is coming to an end for Christmas even though I have a few more projects to get done, my list is much shorter!! Hence why I am blogging instead of sewing and I have two girls to be taking care of too. I will be posting after Christmas my projects I whipped out up to show you all. I had quite the fun fabrics and projects to work on for this giving season.
Until then, the wait begins.


Sarah said...

Hey, don't put away that sewing machine just because Christmas is over... remember our no-spend-and-finish-the-projects-we've-already-started January?!

Lexie said...

i'm not putting away the machine, it was just before Christmas when I was finished with everything that i needed to 'un-plug' it for a bit. It actually is sitting in a case right now waiting to get put back up.