Friday, July 24, 2009

The Fridge

I just need to share how much my fridge makes me happy. It's silly but it's true.
Last year about this time we called up the store and asked 'Do you have any good deals on Refrigerators?' And by chance they had this one, a Kenmore Elite, bisque color, french doors on top with the pull out freezer on bottom with water in the door and has a filter system. It was so sweet to hear all these words come out because it was the fridge I was dreaming about. It just happend to be a custom ordered but the size was wrong so it was put on the 'clearance rack'. It was marked down to 60% off the regular price, we couldn't have found a better deal. Our fridge got delivered, the old fridge went to the dump and I am still enjoying my fridge today and still think 'wow, we sure were blessed to fall upon this fridge!'


mattanderin said...

very nice! I should try that more often, asking for good deals. Seems like a lot of times there are opportunities for great steals but I miss them only because I don't ask!

Krisanne said...

I'm so glad you have this fridge and totally understand about things like that making a person happy! I love our oven/stove here and often think of how happy and thankful I am to have it! :) We got your housewarming package in the mail yesterday - THANK YOU!!! They are so cute! It was so fun to get something in the mail , especially from you! Love you and miss you!

Lyz said...

That is an AWESOME fridge. I am jealous. And sometimes we just have to ASK, right?!:)