Friday, July 17, 2009

Flowers & the Forgotten Park

So I forgot one of the parks that we hiked and saw water falls, Cascade Park. We decided to hike a 3.5 mile round trip to 'Look Out Mountain'. Well we met some people on the trail and a quote from one of the ladies was 'for a 57 yr old lady, the view was disappointing'. I guess there isn't much to see besides tree tops and a little part of Lake Superior. So we continued to hike but decided not to hike all the way, we found a different view that was good enough for us. And the hike was enough for us too.
Part of the Cascade falls.

CMW wanted to hike too, she was done with that pack. She actually did very well walking over tree roots and rocks.
Taking a break and needing a snack!

Here are some great flowers we found along our journey as well. For the most part they are all growing wild expect for the poppies.

Aunt Ginny says this is an Indian Paint Brush flower, we'll take her word on this.

And these flowers I was told only bloom in late June and they are all over the ditches. And when they are getting ready to seed, the pods burst and throw their seeds out farther, now that is an interesting way to spread your offspring. :-)
They are so pretty and the varity of color, shades and tints of purples to tints of pinks to white, they are beautiful.


Megan said...

you are such a good "photographer" the pictures of the flowers are so beautiful.

Lexie said...

Thanks, I can't take all the credit, Jim took some of them!