Monday, July 20, 2009


I'd thought I tell a little bit about what Jim's been up to. He has been busy building a chicken coop for our 12 chickens coming in August. CMW was a big help too. We built it one weekend and this last weekend we stained it so it won't tune grey. This was Jim's idea. It is quite portable, the front and back walls detach and the roof will be where we get into the coop. Just the right size for 12 chickens and the fence will come when we get the chicks and when they are ready to venture out.
He also is putting in a more efficient drain system so our house will stay free of H2O. He has dug trenches, leveled them to the right slope and is going to throw down some rock and cover up the tubing and he'll be done. I hope he'll be done. It's a lot of work to keep changing the drainage system each year.
He's planning to plum our outside sump pump to the inside sump pump. It runs most of the winter and he wants it to say ice free this year. And then it's to the furnace. He wants to re-plum this to go out the side of our house instead of up the chimney. I say, whatever, it's work he's creating not me. All i know is by September, I'll have a new stove and a slightly remodeled kitchen. I'll be so excited about this and I'll let you know when it happens.
Jim is also working on his sail boat, his hobby cat. He is getting it ready to sail and I'm thinking August, he might get it in the water.

CMW pounding away.
The basic shape, a roof that is clear and water resistant is opens!

The man, busy at work. What a great husband I have.
The color we stained the coop!

The new systme to keep the water away from the house.
The grey tubs that will be in the ground.

The Sail Boat.


Megan said...

maybe I am missing something, but how in the world is that going to hold chickens in?

Lexie said...

it has a screen floor and all the sides attach, the roof lifts up/down with the use of some hardware and then the back has a door for the chickens to go in and out. We still need nesting boxes and a roost. It is only going to hold 12 and it doesn't need to be super big. I should really post a complete picture.