Thursday, February 10, 2011

Part 3. Entrepreneurship

It was February last year, about this time when I spent a good part of my day with a bunch of ladies in Marion ND. You can read about it here. Entrepreneurship was the topic. As I still have not officially become one of these, I am excited to say that I do have a market for my 'green' recycled feed bags that are made into totes. They come in Large, medium and small.
Besides selling them to many friends, I have 3 stores in the F/M area that are selling them, a hardware store, a green boutique, and a health food store. And what I love is that I haven't even had to go out and market them, I use my bags for everyday shopping and then I get inquired about them. It's pretty exciting even though some days these bags are not the most exciting sewing projects that's on the table! But I keep sewing and keep drumming up ideas of how to make them a little bit different. Currently I have changed the handles and we are going to see how they sell.
So, Yea! Part three of my now going on year two of this exciting adventure.
Now, it's back to sewing!

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Chrissy said...

That so fun to hear Lex!! Great job and how exciting.