Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How do you like to play ?

How one of our girls like to play can be completely different from the other.  
Here's a great example of our EW and CW. :) 

I found EW, she climbed into the wheel barrow full of pea rock. She continues now to play with all the rock that is smoothed out on the driveway.  Every so often I go out and smooth out the piles that she makes.   
 She was covered in rock dust but this certainly did keep her busy. 

 This is how our older daughter plays, with play sets of dishes! 
CW was busy washing them up and EW was eagerly waiting her turn. The three of us continued to play with our washed up dishes, being served at the 'diner'. 

Even though sister who enjoy their own idea of play, they do enjoy being together.  And I can't label our CW as 'pretty and clean' because one of her past times is digging for worms. :)  She'll make a great gardener some day. 

Until next time, 
    Lexie ><> 

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