Friday, June 22, 2012

Kitty Sage & Macy Dog!

  This written way back in June... and i'll keep up with some posting.... i think!  

    As you can see our animals are well loved and played with.  They sit very willingly and when the time is up, they let us know by walking off.  That's where the parent step in and make sure the animals get all the gear off for their safety.  Here's a couple of pictures of the girls with their beloved kitty and pup. 

A stroller ride and kitty Sage is getting her fur done. She was so patience. 

 Kitty Sage swinging with EW.  EW enjoyed this way more then the kitty I am sure of this but yet again, kitty sat still with EW until the ride was done.  The bike helmet for safety precautions, ya know! ;-)

 CW playing dress - up with our Macy dog, she was so patience, even with that darn crown.

I will have to say, we have been blessed with great pets.  Even though I really didn't want the cat, she is good (besides that rabbit head/guts I found outside my garage door this am.) and the dog, she is good too! I'll just forget the number of times she's been in the garbage and didn't clean it up herself.

Until next time, 
Lexie ><> 

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