Sunday, August 12, 2012

Celebrating Eleanore Turning Two.

     I have come to be the one who takes pictures but not many.  I also don't enjoy writing without pictures, hence why I don't write much.  It also could be, I just don't take the time to write since here are some pictures of Eleanore's birthday celebration, from July.  

Opening gifts, her 'pillowcase dress' I made turned out more like a tunic, but cute all the same. 

 I need to make everything from scratch since my nephew's and niece have a few food allergies.  These are white batter cupcakes with home made whipped cream for frosting with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries to create the flag. They were delicious and we ate all of them in one evening. :) 
I also love red white and blue, celebrating the 4th, so this time around I decided to go with the red,white and blue theme. I have never made a flag cake before thinking they are 'just so cheesy' but here I went for it.   
Eleanore is being sung to and trying to decided how to blow out her candles. 

 Eleanore enjoying her cupcake! 

And here's why we had all 20 cupcakes gone, we are a good size group. 

Eleanore is a one active little girl, I suppose like any other 2 yr old.  She plays more and more each day nicely with her sister, she enjoys animals, playing with dolls, and water but prefers no cloths, not even a swimming suit!  Cheese and yogurt would be her top foods of enjoyment, she likes to do everything 'big'.  Swing on the big girl swing, try the monkey bars, slide down the fireman's pole, big slides and even tries out her sisters bike. She enjoys coloring and play dough, even drinking milk from her cereal bowl.

We all love our Eleanore and certainly do celebrate her more then just her birthday!  A gift from the Lord everyday, even on the hard days. 

Until next time,
Lexie ><>   

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