Thursday, August 30, 2012

Recycled jeans for a stick pony

I found a tutorial on the web for making a stuff head stick horse.  And as always, I did it my way while referring to the tutorial.  I made this for EW's birthday and she got it early for if I wanted to get it done for her actual birthday, it wouldn't have been done at all.  I used a pair of my beloved jeans for all most all of it and scraps for the nose,ears, eyes.  
Both the girls enjoy it, the girly eyelashes, rainbow hair (because that's all I had for yarn) and her zebra pink ear lining.  

Here's EW showing off the ears and I cut the bangs so this horse could see where she's going!    

Let's ride'em cowgirl! 

until next time,
Lexie ><>

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A Joy-Filled Life said...

Love that! Very cute!

I just had another person say what a beautiful baby bag I have. :) You are so talented, Lexie!