Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Quiet time

This camper has helped immensely with quit time.  A time where everyone needs to shut their mouths, or for the most part, practice it. Now, for me, I am enjoying my time of just gaining back my stamina for the afternoon run. :-o   

I was talking to a few friends about their own quiet times, how to implement, time wise, what they did for themselves. Each is different, because they see their quiet time as 'how will I get thought the rest of my day?'. Makes sense to me!  A few take a nap, some read or watch television, other get their computer work done, read a devotion, sew, paint, clean up and organize. It all just takes a good schedule and implementation, right? 

Well this house is working on the quiet part, either room or camper option.  Now we need to work on the being still option. Which is a great thing to practice, everyone needs to be still. Rest, relax, unwind, it will help down the road when God really wants one to just sit and be still.  I hope i can pass on this importance. 

BTW, if any one is looking for a nice, pop up camper, this one is for sale!  

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