Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pinning for others.

Pinterest, that site with a whole lot of ideas, but not enough time to carry them, right? Right! 

I have since gotten over the 'over indulging' part of  'pinning' for myself because I now have no need for more projects, I just want to complete the ones I have started! Amen? Amen! 

So, I start pinning for others!! Waa-hoo! Creating with other people's ideas, just how I like it! (And it's not my money, just suggestions but also use of my creativity!)  
I have this exciting task of helping a friend work out the options of curtains, valances and tie back for one of her most fun room of the house, her office! Well, I think it's exciting and fun because she has a great choices of red paint for two walls and a soft yellow for the other two.  She has great colors of teal, red, yellow, orange, red orange, and black; a lot of colors to work with. 

Now, here are some ideas I gave her, but really these are only a few. Most of these idea's are of what her curtains/valance could resemble], not the actual fabric.  

ring clips 
Custom Made to Order Box Pleat Valance Using Your Fabric
 box valance with simple buttons


curtain length of window vs. floor length or floor to ceiling

door knob for tie back; simple, pretty, basic

solid curtain, with colored edge.

Laura Ashley: Swag Valance 
draped valance over rod

So, now that I got my design fix, I am off to clean up spilled apple sauce and milk, and a gallon or so of water in the bathroom.  The bits of a mother's life with children. Cheers! 

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