Monday, August 11, 2014

Take the indoor's out? Yes we will!

Friend and designer Leanne Sucrow, from The Green Room, did a segment on North Dakota Today about how to bring the "Indoor's out".  I thought that was a novel idea.  
Well, I put my right foot forward and invited a few mom friends out. As in, just come, roast a few s'mores, and relax.  Isn't a fire relaxing, during dusk, when there is no worry of a child who may get burned? Yes, I do think it is. I set out some simple eats, s'more fixings and the hubs helped me haul out some comfortable seating.  

The S'mores were delicious, the fire relaxing and our conversation was, up lifting, I hope.

I did a re-do of my food set up since I didn't take any pictures and my girls wanted to cook hot dogs over the fire. It gave me another chance for 'take 2'. 

So, we did have more beverages then the blue tub shows, Italian Soda's, Moscato wine, and of course H20.

I think I'll be up for this another time, maybe next summer! Cheers! 

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