Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Grain free Brownies

Our sweet Eleanore has a 'kind of important' food deal going on, internal issues happening.  We are on a no grains and dairy mixed at meals and no sugars. Dairy and grains can be eaten alone, 4+ hours apart. Except for honey and maple syrup, those are naturally made, naturally awesome!  

So, all desserts are out of the question for her, in less I make them.  Which is fine, I love baking, especially when it turns out delicious!

I found these brownies and had to try them . We don't make dessert often (sugar, sugar everywhere), so making something like this is okay, even if the ingredients are expensive.  These brownies were much better the second day, chilled, cakey like the blog said, moist, and yummy good. With whipped cream and a few raspberries, delicious!  

Picture from the blog. 

This is my picture... 
Whip cream.  Sweetened with honey. 

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