Thursday, August 21, 2014

First time upholstery experience.

First time upholstery experience as in, first time I chose to pay an upholsterer. This quality job was done by our neighbor, he was pretty simple to work with.  I wasn't afraid to voice my ideas and communicate my wants for this chair. Phew, the hardest part is conveying your thought's and ideas.   
I am 'In Love' with how this chair turned out! I found it at The Studio, an occasional store, downtown Fargo.  It went from a 70's floral with 6 tiny buttons, to my idea of 'awesomeness' and four covered buttons. (I had to convince my upholstery man that they would work) I hope they do not fail. :) 

Yes, that is an awesome, vintage picnic basket,
found it for five dollars at a thrift store out of town.
It is now my end table, in my bedroom, next to my
new chair.  Bonus, I can use it for storage if I wish! 

I was told to buy four yard of fabric, but since the 'railroad' was so large, it took more then anticipated.
 Luckily I had this purple sitting around since 2007 and I was able to put that in for back up. 
The piping or welt (what every you choose) I just love.  It just creates a pop with the purple.  I can hardly stand it.  It just makes me smile every time I look at it. 

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