Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Bunny...

This bunny ---->  

Meet Cee-Cee!  Caramel Chocolate, the little lady with caramel fench tipped toes, dark chocolate eyes, A Holland lop. She is sweet! 

  This bunny, who is just so cute, is 8 weeks old. She has caused quite an stir, given us the 'run around', literally.
  • We picked her up Tuesday afternoon, got her home, had a blast.  
  • Wednesday went find, then came Thursday. 
  • Thursday: she was in her outdoor pen, the pen got moved, the girls came in, then the bunny just hopped away, through a little uneven spot in the fence. So, we looked and looked, cried a little, put out food, keep everything where it was. 
  • I said a prayer, because I was so distraught, 'just show us where this darn bunny is', i pleaded or so I felt like I was, silly I know. (I was more upset that she is so small and domesticated, felt like I was throwing her to the wind and a bad mother for not watching more closely.) 
  • Well, God answered that pleading prayer, because I know, He knew I needed to know He is here, still present in my what seems like a very chaotic life. That he can answer any prayers, simple or complicated. 
  • Claire and Eleanore was up later then usual Friday evening and they happened to be out in the front yard, low and behold, they saw her. A larger bunny was chasing her, said Claire.  Eleanore came and got me. Then she got her dad, then dad saved the day by using a butterfly net to catch that darn bunny. That two dollar butterfly net that has never seen a butterfly has now served a purpose. Phew, I'm sort of glad I splurged. ;)
  • Now, she is home, back with us, not lost, the dad was right, she did not hop to far. I don't feel like such a horrible mother, the girls are happy, so is everyone else, even the bunny. Cheers! 

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