Saturday, September 26, 2009

A little of CMW

An update of CMW and her happenings. :-)

CMW was painting with her dad's supering vision.
She painted herself & her cardboard box house.
I'm thinking she had a pretty good time!

And CMW loves shoes, trying them on, walking in them
and it doesn't matter how big or if there is a heel or not.
She tries and it's great.

CMW is modeling a bib i made. I needed to make sure
it would fit a smaller baby. She didn't want to take it off
but we got it off and in the gift bag for our friends new baby boy.

And yes, she is vacuuming in her bathing suit. She insisted on wear
it one day and then because I love my new vacuum we vacuum lots
and he always get into the action. I love taking pictures of her trying out new stuff.

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