Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Way to Go !

Way to G CMW, you used the potty on your own!!

This evening CMW used the potty. And all of this was not prompted by us just to let you all know. She brought out the potty (we were in the living room), she took off her diaper, proceeded to sit on the potty and peed. It was pretty amazing and I was quite shocked because before or after bath time she usually likes to sit on the potty but it is never used. So I'm not sure if this will continue but it's okay because she is a little young. I say at least she is going in the right direction. :-)

Just one more accomplishment we can praise her for and we can be proud parents.

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Krisanne said...

Yay, Claire! That's great! Somehow my list on my blog didn't update so I've missed your blog for awhile, but it was fun to get caught up right now! Happy late 3rd anniversary!!! Those pictures of you two were super cute. And I love the chicken update - I must say yours look much healthier than the ones that roam around our neighborhood... They are probably tastier, too! Love you much and miss you!