Sunday, September 6, 2009


One of our favorite events of the summer is WMSTR and we have to wait all summer to go.
What is WMSTR? It's located in Rollage Minn & the it's the Western Minnesota Steam Thresher Reunion! This is one of Jim's favorite events because the steam engines and I love this event because it's so old. It has the old steam engines, a full size train to ride, horse drawn wagons and plows and the tractor parade. It also have the kiddy train for CMW to ride! The ladies of the event are dressed up in old dresses and quilt by hand and make all hand made goods and good food. It's dusty, usually hot, lots of tractors, people everywhere, lots of steam, and very talented people who know how to run their engines. All the workers volunteer and most families who participate and are 'members' have been for many years and the machines just get passed down to the next generation. It's great to see familes working together.

Yes, they have a carousel powered by a steam engine and it has real wooden horses, real player organ and very loud music. Miss CMW did not want to leave her horse, but we all have to take our turns.

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