Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Parents !

My parents were here to visit us & brought us fire wood and plants for landscaping. It was a great weekend and we got a lot done. It was just so fun!
My dad was once again the supervisor (he was in need of a hernia repair) but my mom was about worked to the brink. She helped with me with tearing out our lettuce and Romain and Jim dug up our potatoes.
I should of had a picture of them in the sun, they are beautiful baby red and regular large red potatoes. We are so excited to eat them up.
My mom and I also transplanted about 15 different plants around our house and Jim finished up the landscaping. Sweet!
And one more thing, my mom helped me with canning tomatoes and she made us 6 pints of salsa for Mr Jim. And Jim also unloaded the trailer of wood and we are stocked up for winter.

I also got brave to let my chickens out to roam. I decided that since we had 2 extra adults to chase after them if need be, this was a good time to try them out. They did great, no dog got them or large birds of prey and they all gathered in their coop once the evening was finished. My chickens are just so fun!!


Megan said...

they are so cute, but beware, ours have eaten every plant in sight, including my once very large red flowered begonia(spelling?)

mattanderin said...

wow! you got a lot done! Sounds fun =)