Thursday, September 10, 2009

Itasca State Park

The three of us took a small family vacation in August with my parents and sister's family to Itasca. It was a great weekend!! A large 3 bedroom cabin was rented with campfire cooking only and lots of adventures. The weather was a bit chilly but it was still fun. It was perfect for riding our bikes which was nice. My dad was the cook for breakfast and always the supervise for the other meals. If you know him well, he says he always has to supervise to make sure we are cooking right. We each brought meals to share and cooked for one another. We also went for one bike ride and visited the head waters of the Mississippi and took a group faimly picture. The one bike ride we did, we ended up riding 16 miles and it was a bit long for everyone, let alone our bodies that took all the abuse. But we made it and our muscles repaired themselves.
Sunday was a great day to spend at the waters and have a picnic at the park. The kids all got to play at the park and then we all headed on our way home.
I think we voted to do this again next year which we are all looking forward to doing!

My sister and son Z, starting out! And they made it the 6.5 miles to the head waters.

Here is the crew + me who made it the 16 miles of bike trail and we vowed never to do this again!! BIL Jake with son J and A in the green helmet, Jim and my mom had CMW and my niece G in the bike carrier & riding the 'ever so sweet' tandem bike. :-)

Miss CMW fell asleep on the ride and used her cousin for a pillow.

My parents, resting at the head waters.
CMW and her dad at the head waters. It was a gorgeous day.

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Krisanne said...

I love that park! We were there with my family in June and it was so fun - the trails are great and beautiful. So glad you had a little vacation there, it definitely sounds like something to do again next year! Love you!