Monday, June 1, 2009

Yeah for Scrapbooking

To start, Valerie, a good friend of mine who watches out for me, encouraged me to take time for myself. To take a weekend away from my family to recover and do something I want to do and we did just that. We found a spot to do some scrapbooking. 
I pulled some strings with my piano teacher back home in Pequot and asked to use their 'cabin' for the weekend. It's a house and newly built two years ago after a fire burned down their first one. It was so nice. We of coursed scrapbooked and enjoyed each others company. We had nice beds to sleep in, warm fireplace to sit in front of and talk for hours. It was pretty good weather,very clean, and lots of green trees and landscape to be surrounded by. We got up when we wanted to, we went running and walked to lunch, we had a delicious dinner of asparagus, chicken and rice. And we talked, talked and talked some more.  
I chose to worked on my wedding album after almost 2 3/4 years of not having it done.  I was not prepared as much as I thought but I did get about half done. I didn't even bring a scissors or paper cutter with me, what was I thinking? But I'm lucky that I have a good memory and remembered lots of other photos that I will be putting in.  I took lots of notes to take home to order more photos and add other ideas to the book. I'm impressed so far with my work. Now I hope I will make more time to get it done or just maybe another weekend away. 
Valerie on the other hand, was working digitally on her scrapbook. And I would have to say that it's pretty cool! And it does not take out the creative-ness of scrapbooking. She enjoyed herself as well and loved being away from the ND landscape. 
Our weekend was wonderful, full of rejuvenation and great fellowship.  And we'll be planning on one again soon.


mattanderin said...

aw fun! I haven't scrapbooked for so long! And it'll probably be a bit before I find the box that it's all packed in! But hopefully I can get back at it this year!

Krisanne said...

This is such a great idea - I'm so glad you took a weekend to get away! I love your blog and am excited to continue looking at it and see what you and your family are up to! It was GREAT seeing you on Thursday - thanks for taking the time to have lunch with us - we miss you guys!