Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mystery Poop

Jim: 'Lexie, We need to find the mystery poop!'

Lexie: 'What?'

J: 'CMW had poop on her and I can't find it the rest and it isn't in her diaper.'

L:'Oh, this should be interesting, thinking to myself.'

CMW was in her room by herself which isn't unusual, she has stuff to play with and nothing to get into that is serious. Well we saw she had no diaper on when she came out to visit us in the living room and so Jim decided to get her ready for a bath. That's when I hear him say 'I can't find the poop'. And that's when i went to investigate. I found the diaper, it didn't even look like there was poop on it so i didn't think there was any poop else where either. Well, I had to clean up the pee that was on the floor and her rug, and that's when I found it. In the process of cleaning up, I found the mystery poop. In the corner by her closet, all nice and neat, just like the picture shows. :-) I told Jim, 'I found it', oh good, he said.
A funny day at the Waa's indeed!


Megan said...

it will get way interestinger, just wait. Happy Fathers Day Jim!!
Luv the Loukotas
we recieved our baby chicks today, I will try and post a pic tomorrow.

Krisanne said...

That's hilarious! It made me laugh out loud - thanks for sharing! Love you and miss you!

Lyz said...

That photo is completely disgusting. Miss you guys!