Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Goodbye, its 'See you Soon'

My good friend Paula and her family are moving away from the FM area. They left yesterday with their U-haul and house empty for their new chapter of their life. Her husband has been working at his new job since February and the move is now official. I helped plan a small moving/goodbye party for them and it was great. We had lunch and then started loading the truck and cleaning and chatting and reminiscing. Before we departed, we prayed for our friends who are leaving to have a great new chapter of their lives, to start well, to find a new church, friends and to know God is by their side. I'm certainly going to miss Paula and Cambrie (Jon too). Cambrie and CMW's were pretty good play mates from the time their were born. Paula and I, we went through our pregnancies together, Tuesday morning bible studies, we made lunch dates, mall dates, park dates, pool dates, and walked many miles together. And it all started by making the connection in the young couples bible study that I once met her when I lived with her sister during college. She certainly helped me get though those early stages of infancy with Claire and gave me much support as time went. I even remembered they first time she told me her husband was looking for jobs out of this area, my heart sank, I did not want to know about the possibility of her leaving. But it is here and it's okay and now we'll have fewer dates but a phone call is just a push of the speed dial away. I'll miss you Paula but I know you'll be back for visits and I'll being visiting too! It's not a 'goodbye', it's a 'see you soon'.

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