Friday, June 12, 2009

Shoes & Smoothies

To start, the shoes... My good friend Sonja is going to start a tradition with CMW. Her birthday is Dec. 6th and in Germany this day has something to do with shoes. You put your shoes out by the door and they get filled with candy. It seems similar to our May Day traditions here, sort of. So, here are her shoes, Pink Baby Puma tennies. They are adorable but won't be worn long, her feet are growing and now we know, that Puma's need to be bought large or they won't fit. Next, we have the smoothie episode of the day. If you look close she had her smoothie from the bottom of her nose to the bottom of her chin and on both sides of her cheeks. Kind of like very large clown smile. Here's how it happened, I needed to walk out of the kitchen for about a minute or two thinking she would okay with using the straw. Well she had different ideas about her drink. So it ended up in her bib (next pic) and all over her face. Now isn't she just a beauty? I love this girl and this is one more way to make me smile!!
(Look closly in the bib pocket, lots of yummy smoothie & this is a better shot of where that smoothie is on her face. :-))


Joyful Living said...

Awww little girls!!! I'd love some smooothie recipies. We're trying to find creative snack ideas that keep foods as close to their natural state as possible (not adding more sugar or preservatives, etc)

What does C like??

Cute be a fun color to buy ;)

Krisanne said...

So cute! I love the shoes! :)