Sunday, June 7, 2009


This week has been a week of gathering with new friends and old friends, friends leaving and friends coming. I have enjoyed all this time I've had to take to spend with our friends.
To start my week, my friend Christina came out to visit and for dinner. It had been way to long and I don't think this time would of been planned if we didn't randomly run into each other in downtown Fargo. How often am I downtown? Not often, so it was meant to be. We had a great time catching up and Stina is going to paint on the door that exits out to the garage. She is an artist and an art teaching to middle/high school students. I am so excited, Jim, well he's thinking about it. This was the kick off of my week. On Tuesday I got to visit and study with my bible study ladies for a few hours. It was wonderful.
Thursday was my busy day, lots of friends to meet with and catch up. Miss Amy and I haven't been in touch very well, she's a first year teacher and a busy one at that. She works for a private school and is the only 5th grade teacher. But she did wonderful and is excited for the next school year. Amy and I had a great time together and we're planning more meets in the future. They also have a new puppy which CMW loved. Then for lunch (a nice warm, picnic lunch at the park), Jim and I met with some good friends who both have just gotten back to the area. It was so great and enjoyable to have this small time of fellowship with them. The Castagna's have come back from missions training in Canada with New Tribes Missions and our friends the Emches have come back from Dallas where they were taking graduate classes. The Emches are leaving the middle of this month to head to Indonesia where they will be participating in more language training and missions with Wycliffe. The Castagna's are back in Fargo for the year, getting ready to head to the Philippines.
The time spent with our friends was so joyful for me. It is just exciting for me to have good friends who are called to serve our Lord overseas and for them to listen to the call and go. Paul and Matt are both great and unique men for Jim to have as friends and he's excited (as I am) to be prayer warriors for them. He will always be excited for when they come back and the fun time can begin once again. Krisanne, I never thought our friendship would be so strong and I'm certainly going to miss you but I know you'll be back. Erin and I get to begin our friendship once again, with being back in Fargo and staying home, I look forward to our play dates with Alaena and the newest addition to your family coming in August.
What a week of great fellowship with friends. I look forward to summer and to do this more often with lots of other friends too.

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Krisanne said...

Lexie - I never thought our friendship would be so strong, either, but I praise the Lord for it and love you so much! It was a way too short visit on Thursday, but yet a huge blessing that we got to see you guys. Your friendship means so much to me (as does Jim to Paul) - thanks for being you! Now we have to set up skype dates so we can stay in touch when we're on opposite sides of the world.