Tuesday, June 16, 2009


'King and Queen' of Stockholm's 125th Anniversary.
Henry 90 yrs young & Kathryn 91 yrs young

One of Jim's favorites of the tractors. A small Farmhall!
Tabor Lutheran Church, where my great aunt Kathryn attends.

The Tabor Cemetary, we always visit the cemetary and check out the sites.

Dinner with family.
(Paula, Art, Jim, Kay, Dennis (my dad's cousins) Aunt Kathryn (my dad's aunt)
and myself with CMW.)
Jim says, this is a blade and one was used to create the ditch in our back yard, yrs ago.

Stockholm SD celebrated their 125th anniversary last weekend, the 13th and14th of June.
It was great fun!
We went for many reason but I love getting together with family and just catching up. Plus Kathryn, my great aunt loves visitors. Jim had not met some of these relatives of mine either. My parents were out for the celebration along with some cousins from Rapid City. It was a good time.
To start, Kathryn is 91 this year! She was thrilled to be the 'Queen' for the celebration and just loves visiting with friends and relatives. She still lives at home, drives her own car, mows her own lawn. I was quite impressed but she said, 'it's a self-propelled mower so it isn't a lot of work' and if she can't get it started after 2 pulls, she gets the neighbor, how about that?. She goes to church and town every Sunday to visit at the nursing home and eat out. Her sister-in-law lives next door and so they are often together. She also has many friends who are a bit younger then she is and is busy. She puts the edging on quilts for her church and she averages about 8 a month. She is just a good spirited women and I wonder what has made her live so long. She also has been a widow for some 30 yrs and never had children. I have always enjoyed this little lady and it's always good to see her well and healthy. My dad also enjoys seeing her since she is his favorite aunt!
So, both days were beautiful. The parade was fun, small town (pop. 105), and not to long. The area business participated along with area fire trucks and a 5th/6th grd band playing on a flat bed. It was good to see them out and trying. Tractors and snow queens, little Mr. and Miss. and much more. They had a quilt action and fiddler players in the afternoon. A band was playing in the evening but i didn't have enough in me to go. We crashed early, all that sun 'does me in'.
On Sunday after church and 'dinner', we visited the ag museum. They had tractors, old field equipment, switch boards for the phones that was used until 1993, tools, cars, postal equipment and everything in between.
I love Stockholm, it's small, very Swedish, lots of history, family, family, family everywhere. You trust about everyone, there is a small Restaurant (soon to be B&B) and a post office with a library hub from Milbank SD and best of all Aunt Kathryn will be there when I visit.

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