Monday, August 24, 2009

Jim the Handy Man

While I was gone helping with corn, Jim was busy doing this, putting in our new stove. There is a hole in our wall due to the controls from the old stove, so now I get to use some creative decorative items to hide it. I'd rather do this then sheet rock it when in the future it will be gone completely. It was a surprise to me because I thought the stove was coming a week later then it did. So Mr. Jim got busy and worked about 7 hrs putting this project together and boy do I like it! I'll give you a little step by step of his process so you know it wasn't just sliding out the old stove and sliding in the new, nope this project was not that easy. Jim had to obviously took out the old stove and unhooked the electricity and took the controls out of the wall. Then he cut out the the drawer from below the stove and proceeded to move the cabinet over too.

(This is the best picture I can find of our old stove, Miss CMW trying out my high-heels! See the drawer below the stove, this was one item he had to cut out!)

You see, our old stove was a set in and our new stove is not only a free standing stove but it is 3 inches larger. He had to move the fridge over and cut out flooring to move the existing cabinet over to the left 3 inches. He even cut the back-splash to match the counter as it wasn't matching up due to the move. He then went and hooked up the gas line with a nifty gas hook up kit and only had 2 ft of gas piping left over. Great work honey at the little amount of waste you had!! Then he was finished, only after an 1hr of clean up. He got to bed @ 2am and made it though a full days work with a few cups of coffee to help him through. :-) I might have missed a few details but you get the drift, and send Jim an email ( letting him know, what great work does!

The Man himself, look at how chipper he is after this project! (just kidding, this was not taken after his 7 hrs of labor)

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Krisanne said...

Way to go, Jim! That is quite the process! It looks great and yes, you have a great, handy, hard-working husband who did an awesome job! Love to you all!