Monday, August 24, 2009

New House !

I bet some of you thought we were getting a new house? Nope but CMW did!!
CMW's dad put in a new stove (more on this later) and we got a very large box. So her mama decided to make it into a house for her. And she is loving it! I am so happy for her, she loves going in and out, bringing stuff in and throwing it out though the windows. I'm thinking once she gets bored with it, it might just go downstairs for a 'time out' and then it can resurface later in the winter months when it gets really long due to the ND winters.

Looking through the window!

Looking out the door!
Look at all that excitment of having her own little space.

CMW in her house, Mom taking picture from outside :-)


Megan said...

can I have one too!!

Krisanne said...

Lexie, this is such a great idea! I love it! And Claire looks so happy and proud to have her own house. You are a smart mama. For some reason she looks so grown up in these pictures - she's still that little baby that I held in my arms about a year and a half ago in my mind sometimes... Love you and miss you!

mattanderin said...

great idea! that's awesome...i may need to copy your idea if I ever come across a big box sometime!