Monday, August 24, 2009

Corn and More Corn

Miss CMW and I went out to my SIL Jackie's to help with corn. Jackie's MIL alone with the MIL's MIL was there to help. (did you get this, confusing but we were all in-laws all the way)We shucked, then peeled the silk, washed, cut the corn from the cob, cooked it for about 20 minutes. It cooled off and was placed into bags. It was quite the ordeal and I got to experience it hands-on. I got to help with all but the cutting due to slicing off a chuck of skin from my finger tip with my slick corn cutter with only cob #2 getting done! (sorry no picture) So i was left to cooking the corn. And i made the statement, "if it doesn't taste good it's because I was the cook, or blame it on the recipe" (which wasn't mine). We cooked over 100 cups of corn, meaning 6.5 batches of corn. And Jackie was nice enough to let me take some of it home to enjoy myself.
Miss CMW had a fun time playing with cousin J and we enjoyed our short but sweet stay at the SIL. We want to do it again but will have to plan this out a bit more, maybe around harvest when she's alone lots due to the busyness of all the happenings. Here's some pictures!

Three hard workin' ladies !



Miss CMW couldn't resist the temptation to help!
And bags, which this is only a sample, many more are in the freezer.

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