Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A little of this, A little of that...

A little of this and a little of that, it's more like a re-cap of our last few weeks of being here and there. It might be a little boring to read but at the end, we have our cute chicks so at least scroll down to see those. :-)
I was in Pequot Lakes for a week (26th - 2nd) visiting family and busily sewing with my sister. And that is about what I did that week. CMW enjoyed her time with the cousins and a bike ride here and there. I enjoyed visiting and making progress with my sewing projects.
I came home for a week, had a few more sewing projects to do and needed to catch up on being gone. Ya' know, that darn house work that has to be done.
Then back to Pequot the 11th - 16th and this was another busy week. My sister and I entered a craft fair and it was a super hot day. We had hand bags, jewelery, and hand made baby gifts. My Grams also embroidered hand towels and and made knit dish-cloths. We had a decent presentation for those folks out to buy something crafty but I would say there weren't to many people out buying crafty stuff and it was still fun and hot! This craft fair took place during the annual Ideal Fire Department Beef Feed (the township where I grew up). It's a four hour fundraiser that brings about 2000 - 3000 people for beef, corn on the cob (freshly shucked that day), slaw, bread and watermelon. It is so delicious and I was so excited about being there. I have missed it for 4 years now and it was time to come back. Jim during this time took a trip to Wyoming for work. He got home safely and all is good on the jobs out there. On that Saturday, I ran my first every 5k race. It was very fun and a good challenge. :-) It was for the Dru Sjodin Purple Elephant 5k/10k fun run/walk, scholarship fundraiser. My mom and daughter came out to support me and I got to see them after I finished. I did great.
Then on Sunday after packing up and heading out, I made one more stop for the new members of our family, the chicks!! Yes, chickens and there are 12 of them. And we might even name some of them. It has been so fun but we are only 72 hrs into this and they are small and cute. I'll let you know what happens when they get big and are giving us those organic eggs.

And now, CMW and I are home, watching our chicks and getting done some of that house work that needs to be done. But oh, that's right, Mr Jim Waa got us a new vacuum to use so now I vacuum about every other day. Our floors sure our clean. :-) The other work, we'll we're working on it and we trying to enjoy our summer that is left to enjoy.

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Virginia said...

Your chicks are so cute. I would caution you about making them loving pets. I had pet chickens as a child, but didn't realize that the end of them would be the dinner table....I didn't eat chicken for many years. Mom grew up on a farm and just assumed I would know about the end of chickens.....Ginny