Monday, February 20, 2012

A wonderful weekend.

It was a wonderful weekend, with a good amount of craziness too.
  I start out @ 6:30 am (yes, the earliest I've been up in a very.long.time.) and headed to church to clean up after the sheltering night.  Side note: Six area churches in the Fargo/Moorhead are helping out the area shelters by rotating and hosting a group of homeless that need a place to sleep. Each morning, our church needs to clean up completely.  Well, I was one of those cleaners.  I was out by 8:30 and back home by 9:00. And it jump started my day!
  Jim had the house under control and he was able to work on his guitar. A happy man.  After loosing the money for our sitter (a certain child took it) and me being quite irritated, we found it but I was still irritated. Then the husband proceeded to tell me the parable of the women who lost her coin, looked and looked, when found it, she rejoiced. A short Jesus lesson for the day!  We headed back to town for volleyball and shopping. We got a sitter to come to church for our girls and played volleyball. A whole 2 hrs and that's a long time!  But we had such a great time and we survived! We then headed to a couple of thrift stores (found a new bed frame, woot, woot!) and a home improvement store for some shelving supplies.  Home again, home again, jiggity, jig.  
  After the girls were in bed, I was on a roll.  Jim assisted in hanging the shelving (this makes my heart smile) and I filled them quickly. I've been in the process of rearranging our basement since it's unfinished, so it didn't take long, I've thought about this for a few week.  Now I am ready to place the 'Model Railroad' table across the room and make a space for a table to work on my projects!  I also was able to get a window prepped for another 'one of my latest projects'. It had broken glass, so I removed the rest and now it's ready to get sanded and painted. I'm so excited!  Last but not least our bed got put back on a frame! This frame is so much nicer then the one I threw away, obviously. And I heard the dogs first attempt to get on the bed, she failed. I'm pretty sure she hit the side with not enough air. Better luck next time M-Dawg!
  Sunday was a day to relax since we did so much the day before.  Jim lead worship at church, we had a very quiet, sleepy afternoon and then visited with my parents over skype and went to see Jim's parents too.

Now, it's a very dull Monday, I took the trash out to the curb, and i'm ready to start the day.

                                                                Until Next Time,
                                                                       Lexie ><>  

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