Saturday, February 25, 2012

Frosty the Snowman

We were finally able to make a snowman! CW wanted in the worse way to go out and make a snowman. And the one weekend it snowed, we were out of town and then the weather was so warm it ended up crunchy.  And for most of you, you know you have to have just the right snow to make a snowman.  So, we got busy, Jim started rolling and as you can tell, it took every ounce of snow with just grass and leaves left over. 

You can also tell it's not your typical snowman with coal for the eyes, buttons and mouth. Jim had to improvise, hence the use of the sticks. We didn't even have a carrot for his nose, gah. :-(  I can say, CW had a mighty fine time helping roll and create this snowman.  

Horrible picture but it's what we have. The snowman masters posing with their snowman. :) 

EKW with her penquin hat, so cute! 

Mr Frosty himself.

Until Next Time,
Lexie ><> 

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