Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A little Valentines.

   Some people looove Valentines Day, other's don't get to up and up about it.  Well around here, I think it's just another holiday to spend money on, right? And I guess I fell into the trap a little, but not really. Anyway, I'll write a little about our Valentine celebrations.
   Last week, CW and I took the time to make Valentine cards for family and friends.  I really enjoy creating cards and stamping but I really like it if I have a reason for it, such as Valentines. Along with the cards I was able to get a few packages together for friends that I have been meaning to send items too. Simple items but I know they'll enjoy! :) (this is where I fall into the trap of spending $$)  Plus, we made her and EW boxes for the Valentines party for Saturday.
   On to the weekend, Saturday the 11th and girls and I went to a very busy, exciting, and fun Valentines party!   We decorated homemade heart shaped cookies, cut out over size mustache and lip's from foam to be placed on a sucker (super cute), passed out valentines and got to check out their toys. I as the mom got to visit with other moms and dads, yes there were a few, drink coffee and observe the many, many children and try to have a conversation among the roar of the kids.  My CW, well she was in the corner after the real rowdiness happened and read books. My EW, she observed and then started in on the toys.  
   Tuesday at bible study, they celebrated Valentines since it's was Valentines day! They also made a trip to the gym for a few fun games! We made sure we had her tennis shoes this week, her cowboy boots just don't made the cut. The girls and I were able to go to lunch with a great friend Gail.  It was delicious, the girls sat very well and actually ate well too. I will have to say, one of the best lunch outing we've had in a long time. :)  Valentines dinner wasn't anything spectacular, just a good dish of spaghetti w/ brussels sprouts. I know, the combo isn't what you were expecting but we just needed something different for a veggie option.
   Wednesday the girls go to a girlfriends house while I run around town accomplishing errands or meetings or appointments.  They were able to enjoy another Valentines party, yes another one, but I promise the last one. They made Valentines for friends and special ones for their mom and dad. They are so cute, hearts cut from paper with their hand prints. CW said they played a game including hearts and of course lots of play time with the other 6 kids available.
   The girls were lucky and received Valentines in the mail from their G'mas and Great G'mas too.  Jim and I, well  it was just a good old fashion kiss and hug.  No money needed!

I hope you are having a wonderful Valentines week!

                                                                          Until Next Time
                                                                   Lexie ><>  

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