Thursday, October 13, 2011

Like I promised...

Another post, Wow! I hope I keep it up!  
Last night I watched the documentary Restrepo  and what a look on combat life of a Soldier.  
It is one to watch and you'll end up with even more respect for our fighting men then before.  

And onto this evening, like I promised, a few good pictures of my girls. 


Isn't this cool face painting?  For the Mr's company picnic, there was face painting, balloon art & blow-up games.  C wanted a 'puppy face' and here it is.  She also got a poodle balloon and EKW received a flower.  

 EKW - 14 mos. 

CMW and I planted her some sunflowers outside her window.  They were so fun to look at & to pick fresh flower from too, there were so many I never felt bad cutting off a few for the kitchen table! 

EKW rocks this horse like no other 15 month old.  She is one we need to keep an eye on.  Not only does she move this horse across the floor but she likes to do tricks and stand on the saddle while holding on.  
Ahhh, craziness!  

CMW is now into taking pictures since I take pictures of EKW doing wild and interesting acts.  I love this though because before this, she has been camera shy.  

All I have to say, the Dad was in charge of this...

Now, it's off to sewing...

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