Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A few changes... well one to start with.

Like usual, it's been a while since my last post... no comment, we've had a few changes around here.

To start and for the major change is the Mr. has been away working, weekly. It is not something we love but it's call 'experience' and 'no one else can do the job right now, so it's up to him' (until they find a replacement!).  And the other bummer of it all, it's a good 5.5 hours West.  We are now going on week 5 and the girls and I have our routine down pat.  Even CMW is now talking on the phone; she thinks it silly and giggles more then she talks but we both enjoy listening to her.

The Lord is Good!  And I know this all by hindsight; the one thing I love, looking back and seeing it was what was suppose to happen, even if I was not to sure of it.  A friend from church has a small home daycare and originally she wanted it to be similar to 'drop in' childcare for her friends but has turned into full time. Well I asked if she would be interested in watching my girl starting September one morning a week.  She agreed, and I agreed as well even though I felt like I was taking advantage of our money by paying another to watch my girls when I can easily do everything I do with them. Then this adventure of the Mr. presented itself after the first week and ever since then I have felt that God was working and it was suppose to be.  I am able to have a few hours to myself, get errands and appointments finished and my girls go play with 5 other playmates and have a blast. What's more neat is there are GIRLS to play with. Meaning most of my friends have boys that are the age of my girls age and it's just not as fun and here there are girls. They love it.        

We don't know the end to this job situation, I just hope it's over before the severe snow flies.  And I am not sure we can endure much more without our daddy and husband.  One only realizes what's missing once it's gone and I can see this now.

So, one would think without a spouse I'd have all the time to blog after the girls are in bed. Well, you see I love to sew and that takes over everything else.

Next up, a few great stories + pictures of my girls and a few sewing projects to show off. Oh, and I've been meaning to write about bible study too, so stay tuned!  

Wish me luck!

Lexie ><> 

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