Monday, October 24, 2011

ABC and 123

 I think I said back yonder that I never post what I am making and maybe it's because most of what I make are 'remakes' of someone else's idea.  Well not today, I have made one too many bags out of pet screen material and they are never the same, one thing I love about sewing and designing.

The ABC and 123 tote!  

CMW sits with us in church and usually ends up coloring all over our notebook and such. 
I have now solved that problem and I guess making another tote was what I needed to do today!  
I made this ABC and 123 tote for CMW to be her church tote and it was so fun to make. I tried my best at making a divider and my thought is one side will be for activity pages, stickers, writing utensils and the like; the other for returned/new library books. I chose not to put in pockets or individual dividers because I figured she wouldn't use them, the one divider will be a large enough challenge.   

The yellow/orange stripe is a bit of a ruffle and for some reason ruffles can add so much even if it isn't much of one. 

This material bundle I couldn't resist when I was at the quilt shop and I usually don't buy expensive material 'just for fun' but these 3 fat quarters had to come home with me.  Today was the day I found the reason why I purchased them.   :-)

Until Next Time, 
                  Lexie ><> 

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