Saturday, October 22, 2011

Be creative, in your own way!

I hardly write what i have been creating since my thought for this blog to be more about our family and I could easily make many post about what I have been doing.  But lately I have been creating gifts and each one has been 'Just So Fun' that I am going to tell about it. :-)   

I hardly make baby boy gifts and this basket I made was super fun!
A few of the items I created for it.
baby boy onesie with an applique tie for a future nephew.

robot booties for the same future nephew.

The basket for the future nephew. 
burp cloths, wash cloths, tabby/sensory blanket and few more non-crafted items to go along. 

 A cousin of mine was married and I am into accenting towels and dish cloths, here is one of many.

A simple little apron for the same cousin. 

These are Wet Bags (for use with cloth diapers) and were made for Eco Chic a green boutique here in town.  
12x12 zipper or drawstring options.  

My latest creative journey was making this stand for my recycled feed bag at Sydney's Health Market. 
This project wasn't to tricky, it included a piece of  plywood for the triangle feet cut with a jig-saw. One railing spindle, spray paint, 5 screw in L-hooks, screws for the feet and a power screwdriver. 

I promise this is the last picture. :-) 
I made myself this little clutch (teal green stripe) a few weeks back and then I saw this crossword material and Could.Not.Resist getting it for my grams.  My grams is in her 70's and does a crossword a day, well almost.  If it's to tricky or here's an example 'it's all about the Periodic Table', she didn't even try.  She just threw it away without letting it bother her. Amen to that! 
And i made hers a bit larger, more the the size of a pencil case in which I'm a little bummed by this but I do think it will be more useful.  My clutch is only the size of a check book and just a little tight for my taste in which next time I'll make it an inch bigger.
Bonus: this is my grams birthday gift (and no, she won't read this in time)!! 

There you have it, a little look into my sewing world. 

And if you say 'wow, she's just so creative', hop on over to this blog 'The Better Mom' and be encouraged by this post.  I am sure it will start you wheels turning to find your own creative juices and be encouraged to be Creative in you Own Way!

Until Next Time, 
          Lexie ><> 

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