Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thankful for...

I am so thankful for summer. I do believe it has actually shown up after our 15 days of rain and now we have had a even amount of nice, sticky, warm weather along with days of rain, perfect! It is so much easier to be outside and CMW is enjoying the warmth. Plus she is just a bit more free to roam. And all the parks that are available to play at, she loves park outings!
~ I am thankful for our garden to be in & Jim's willingness to help out in major ways on my time schedule, not his. For this heat, it will help our seeds and plants grow.
~For our flowers, the Iris are blooming, soon new shoots from the bulbs will turn green and I am always checking for the new shoots from the plants we planted last fall.
~ I'm thankful for the 4 weeks left before baby Waa #2 comes along. I have gotten the quilt top squares together, need to finish the two boarders and then put on the backing! CMW was just sleeping with her quilt I made for her on a day of about 70 degrees. Let's say she was a bit hot waking up from her nap but she still used it, hot or not. But like last time, I might just be sewing the day I actually deliver. This time around getting it done isn't so necessary since it's going to be a warm summer day instead of a blustery winter day. But everyone knows with a new baby, everything gets put on hold that isn't necessary to be done. I'm also working on a new curtain for CMW's room, a black out curtain and it's going to be a roman shade, I'm excited for it to be done!!
~ I'm thankful for Jim, he put up 3 new ceiling fans with lights. It has made a world of difference already and now we'll have them for years to come. I am one that is not a fan of air conditioning and has always lived without, in less i was at college, so I'm gearing up for many more summers of hot & humid air with a great fan cooling me off! :-) Jim also put in a new dishwasher and a new screen door on the garage door. It helps me not feel so closed in if i can have a screen door that is see though.
~ I'm thankful for our new pastor at our church, he came in January with his family and I'd have to say that he is working out quite nicely! He isn't just the guy the preaches every Sunday from the pulpit, he mixes it up with a form of drama, preaching and lots of research. I think he is very good at explaining & depicting the bible. Even though I miss the Davis', every preacher has his place and God gets them to where they are going! Have to trust in the big man upstairs!!
~ And i'm thankful for being able to be thankful... not everyone can do this. I even have to take time to think about it... i hope you do this too!


Laura said...

I am so thankful for friends that let us stay at their lovely home and feed us good meals and play homemade games. :) Also I appreciated the fan in our room! It was just the perfect temperature!

Lexie said...

Thanks Laura, it was great to have you 3 visit and meet your baby girl!