Monday, June 28, 2010

Wonderfully Full

What a wonderful, full weekend with the weather being hot, humid, rainy & cool but we enjoyed it all. We accomplished a few 'lexie' projects, family time and time with friends.
Family time was more like running errands in town but we were all together and it was not hectic or to busy since we made it to town by 9 am. We got miscellaneous items for projects, took care of the car's oil, got food & did a little bit of shopping. We even made it home for lunch and naps, even though CMW seems to boy-cot naps on the weekends. Mr. Jim even went to the driving range for some practice swings.
Our projects were 'my projects' but it was nice to get them done. Jim helped me hang a new roman shade I made for C's room. It looks nice and works great.

He helped me moved a few pieces of furniture around to be ready for when baby comes and Jim also helped with cleaning up the house. And laundry! Since our washer 'bit the dust' & Friday was our delivery day, I had a few loads of laundry to get put away. But no complaints here, I certainly do enjoy this new front loader and of course we found another stellar good deal!
Friends!! The joy of quality friendships is always good! Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening meals were all spent with friends & it was a great time! Friday our friends invited us in for dinner and of course it was delicious! Saturday friends came out to play games and we made it simple with pizza for dinner. They also brought their dog and it was great to have an animal in the house for a bit. Sunday we had our friends who are back from Indonesia for the summer for dinner and games as well. It was a great time of playing catch up about their year even though they are great bloggers so us folks in the US were able to stay pretty connected. But they have been busy while in the US too and I always seem to have a question or two about this or that and so the conversations go on and on. Krisanne and I due about 3 weeks apart and of course we talked about baby stuff, the men even charmed in.

Sunday Morning 2 area churches, Salem Evangelical Free Church and Bethel Free Church celebrated together the 5 year mark of supporting the Brou people of Camobdia. They are an unreached people group and the two churhes support a family of 6 who have been there for quite some time reaching out with the Gospel. It's been very interesting to hear over the four years of attending Salem all the accomplishments the family has made with this group.

And last but not least, I can now have our baby since his/her blanket is finished and i'm not even in labor. (With C's labor, I ignored that fact that I was in labor since I needed to get her quilt done.) I learned a lot while putting this quilt top together and it will grow on me just like the one I made for CMW. I also got my 'to do list' before baby is here almost accomplished. I even found the paint I needed for some touch up painting. Now that's a bonus! Yes, I think nesting has certainly set in since I am lady of accomplishing everything and anything. Even CMW doesn't get lost in my whirl-wind of cleaning, organizing, moving stuff, sewing, egg picking & delivery, doctor appts. and domestic duties. Phew... that's a lot of stuff.

I'll try to post a few other happening events soon of the Waa's before June is gone and July is here! Until then... Happy Summer, it official ya know!

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Anonymous said...

Lex, I am jealous of your blog and ability to put it all together on such a nice layout. I haven't the slightest clue how to do this. Your photos are very cute and yes I remember the 'nesting' phase. I did amazing things when I was pregnant with the first child but when I was pregnant with Tyler and Cody was 2, the nesting phase was called the chasing game so poor Tyler had nothing new or amazing. (don't tell him that cuz he never knew that he was missing anything) Thanks for taking the time and brightening up my morning!! :}Taren