Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Memorial Weekend and a furry visitor!

Memorial weekend was a weekend CMW and I stayed home, well almost. Jim went to the lake to work on the 4 season cabin & see family. C and I caught up with friends we hadn't seen for some time, garage sales and took care of Kevin, the guinea pig. He was super fun and I think he enjoyed his stay at our house. Just like I remember from my year or two of my guinea pig, he's pretty simple. He even 'talked' to us! CMW wasn't to sure of him out of his cage but she did give me this picture and she did like to feed him and take his turtle shell away since he hides in it the majority of the time, it's what I call a 'quality security blanket'! :-)

Kevin likes his 'turtle shell' and is barely ever out for more then a few minutes. But when he hears the crunch of plastic, he thinks he going to get a treat. He was just so cute.

I guess I shouldn't say we totally stayed home, since most of the weekend we had some outing planned each day. But on Monday we did make it to the lake since it wasn't to hot and my dad needed to get out of the house. Memorial weekend was his 4th week of rotator cuff recovery surgery and well, he was sick of sitting around. So, mom and him pack up and we met up in DL for a short afternoon and a tour of the Waa's 4 season cabin that will soon be finished... one day. (side note: the chimney is done and the garage wall's are finished. They are working on the floor of the house and I guess some rumor of building the trusses for the garage is the next big move.)
CMW loves the water and she was freezing, we could actually see her shake she was so cold but she continued on. Her Mawga Paula was making sand castles and C was crushing them, boy did she have fun! I try to keep her white shirt on, it's a great spf blocker and I think she'll be 'warmer' but by the end of the hour she was just in her suit since the shirt got wet (imagine that) and she does not like having wet cloths on.

It was a great day and a great weekend! We certainly did enjoy our time with friends, family and Kevin, whom we'll babysit any day, week or month!

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Sarah said...

Hey, we may be looking for a sitter for Kevin July 22-26. Not sure if you're still getting adjusted at home, but knowing you, you are probably making curtains or a bedspread for C's new bed and not thinking that's unusual or anything. ;)