Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines, over rated...

Valentines, totally over rated, just another holiday to spend money, even though I'd love a gift and a couple of hours with my rock-star husband, but that didn't really happen. It was not romantic, 'take time for ourselves', and all about chocolate and hearts, but still, it was wonderful.

What made it so wonderful?
~ My g'parents came Friday with their two lovely pups for the night. Left early Saturday for their trip to Texas!
~ I hardly cooked a meal, meaning we ate lunch at the in-laws, leftovers for dinner and Sunday lunch was eating out.
~ CMW did take good naps along with myself.
~ Jim and C made cookies, the really good ones that have a box of instant vanilla pudding added. (I know, super healthy, not!) They are super chewy and moist, my friend Katie is the giver of this recipe. Thank you, Thank you!
I should of had pink M&Ms.
~ The auntie across the way took C so we could attend out Sunday evening bible study with out a small child in tow.
~ My friend Sonja randomly called Sunday afternoon with the message: she was in Fargo and wanted to meet up. So, we did do this as well, after bible study. I guess we did have a little more 'alone time' then I thought.

Yes, I'd say after I reflect, it was still wonderful.

You ask, what did I get my valentine?
A super sweet 'grain shovel' that he's been meaning to purchase but I beat him to it. This new piece of equipment helps him shovel snow real nicely. :-)
What did I get? Nothing but it was a great weekend with two people I love.
What my husband would say; 'I got her a sewing machine!' This line is going to be used for some time to come, I assure you.

How was your Valentine weekend? Anything worth remembering?

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