Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving & Beyond

(i guess i thought I posted this, and i did not, oops... enjoy it a bit late)

I just need to write and tell all my family and friends how great my Thanksgiving holiday was. I would say it was spectacular!
To start early on Monday, my girlfriend Sara and her husband Shawn and Lily the dog drove though town and we met them for lunch. They were passing through going to MN from Montana. The first time since last October that we've seen each other. It was a quick nice visit!
Moving to Thursday, it's the start of Jim staying home for 4 days! Yahoo! I really enjoy Jim being home all day, it's nice to have company and someone to help with CMW. I not only like him to be home, I enjoy it when he comes shopping with me. :-) Which is what we did on Friday and Sunday. But we can't forget about turkey day. We, the Waa family showed up at the Waa family across the yard for the great turkey meal. The Mrs. Evan Waa did all the cooking and it was great! It was a yummy meal and we stayed all afternoon and visited and watching movies.
Friday I was dropped off at the Chiropractor and he with CMW went to Menard's with not a lot success. Then off to Joann's Fabric and got what we needed. Thank goodness I was not going to get fabric because the line was super long and was taking forever even with 5 cutters on the line, yikes! Blow's Sew and Vac was calling our name, just to look was our plan and I had seen an ad about their great Black Friday deals. We have been contemplating getting me a new sewing machine but I kept putting it off, but not this day. With Jim's quick advice, we walked out with one. A super-duper nice quilting/sewing machine. I got a table to go along with machine for quilting and extra feet all wrapped into the discounted price of the machine. It's amazing and i'm quite sure I am over the amazing part yet. Since i've had my great new machine I have sewn a pair of slippers for CMW and i'm working on a small quilting center piece for winter/Christmas. I will have to say it's pretty nice machine!!
I will have to add that I was not the first to sew a project. Mr Jim was and do you want to know what he did? He fixed a pair of underwear! Yes they are new and the waist band busted open after one wash. And we can't just get rid of it because of the waistband, don't ya' know? So, he showed me his great sewing ability! To end the day we got together with some good friends and had dinner and dessert. It was so nice!
And the rest of the weekend Jim and I traded off on what we 'wanted' to do. He got sheet rock for our basement and worked downstairs some and I went out with some girlfriends for coffee and fellowship. I also cleaned up my sewing room and reorganized. It felt great! We went to church and went shopping for CMW - new socks, undies (contemplating training for CMW) and a few Christmas gifts. We also got a tree! Yes, I am so excited and I have not been this excited before. Usually in my family the tree goes up just before Christmas and comes down shortly afterwards but not this year. We have our tree and it's going to get decorated this week so we can enjoy it all of December, yippee!
Once again I need to say it was a great Thanksgiving weekend. We didn't travel, we saw family, we shopped, we spent time together at home and with friends and I talked to many of my family members over the phone and we are awfully Thankful for all of this to happen. Now I'm ready for the Christmas season to begin and thankfully recharged for what is coming in the up coming month!

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Megan said...

I am jealous, you are spoiled, what a machine!! Loves, your big sister!!