Thursday, December 31, 2009


Since New Years is today, Yea for 2010 !! I better share about our Christmas, what a wintery one it was.
Jim gave us the idea to start out our Christmas trip visiting a water park in Brained. It was quite nice and CMW did not want to leave. But now we know she really likes the water, even when she is turning blue. It was a nice and relaxing way as a family to start out our long weekend together since there happened to be some glitches in 'plan of events'.
Pequot was where our festivities started, along with the snow. It was so nice and peaceful. The snow was coming down in big flakes and the first snow fall was white and fluffy, the second snowfall was very went and heavy. My friend Lyz asked 'what's one thing you hold onto a little longer?' (referring to Christmas) and I think it's the peacefulness of snow in Minnesota. Since i'm a true Minnesotan, the snow in ND is just not the same. It always blows away and is mostly hard and compact, nothing soft and fluffy. I think that is one thing i miss, plus the nice 30 degree temps.
Anyway, back to Christmas! The celebration of our Savior, Christ Jesus. Since the storm was coming, we had fewer relatives to celebrate with but we still went to Christmas eve services, dinner was still wonderful, and the gift giving was just right. I think my family needs to start a tradition of remembering Jesus besides attending the eve service. I think it would be wonderful for everyone to remembers the true meaning, I guess next year i'll have to try a little harder and come up with an idea or two. My family did get to enjoy our time with both sets of grandparents, my sisters family and my parents along with nice weather a lots of new snow!
After the family celebration, on Friday Jim, C and I packed up our car and headed to the Olson's Farm for a small visit and then on-ward home bound. The visit was wonderful and we got exposed to the new game 'Banana-grams' it's similar to scrabble and it's fun game. But our continued trip home did not happen until Saturday morning (to much snow in ND). And when we did get home Sat. we were snowed out. Yes, that's correct, not 'snowed in' but 'snowed out'. A very nice snow drift always covers Footer St. when there's a storm and the other 2 roads were also cover with snow. So, we walked in until the 'man with a plow' came by to break a path. And our house was at 52 degrees since our furnace exhaust was covered. The good news, God watched over us on our drive from MN to ND and I just can't leave out our trusty chickens. Even through digging them out of a snow drift, they survived the storm. Now that we were safely home from travels, in our house, started warming it up and the chickens were safe. We bundled up to ventured over to the Waa's for a time of visiting & dinner. It didn't really seam like a time of gift giving with so much going on, games, computers, movies, dinner preparation and what not. But oh well, visiting was nice and CMW got some pretty nice gifts. And our Sunday was another day of digging out to get to town for groceries.

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