Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A visit from Maga & Papa

It was a great weekend and boy did I get tried out!
My parents came up to see CMW and of course us. It had been a long time and it was so nice to see them.

My dad was all geared up and had his tools ready to help Jim with sheet rock in the 'man cave'. They got it all up and 2 rounds of mud on the walls.

My mom decided she was going to get the Christmas shopping done for the year and that's just what we did. We hit a lot of good deals and didn't break the check book! How sweet is that! We only shopped for 4 hours including travel time but there was nothing left of us. We even stopped to eat lunch and recharged but when we got home, we both crashed and Jim got C. My parents also brought a delicious white sauce chicken/spinach lasagna (it was so good) in which we invited the Waa's from across the lawn for dinner. It was a great time and Jim build a great fire and it was cozy warm. :-)

It was just so nice to visit and catch up and now Christmas at their house won't feel so crazy since we've seen them recently. CMW certainly does enjoy her Maga & Papa when they come to visit. Papa Art has his tic-tac in which he always shares and this time around Maga got to help out a lot with C's dolly's. They also brought us more wood and we continue to burn it up in the fireplace. Needless to say, I excited for Christmas and traveling home to see my parents once again plus all of my family and friends! Oh, the joy of family!

C & Jim sitting with their feet crossed resting on the foot stool after dinner.
Got to love the girl!

CMW in Papa Art's rubbers.

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Laura said...

That's so exciting about the basement! Yay! I cannot get over how long your little girl's hair is. It's just beautiful! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with the family. :)