Monday, December 14, 2009

Celebrations of many...

It just so happened the Sister's Family Christmas in Mankato MN which is a wonderful gathering of Jim's moms sisters & families was the same weekend of CMW's 2nd birthday. I would not and could not leave out her big day. I wasn't really thinking of making her celebration into anything real big, I just brought this cake to add to the sweets of the day and to help others to remember her. We did sing happy birthday and she tried to blow out the candles but her dad helped after the 3rd try. I made a delicious chocolate cake with a sour cream/chocolate filling and frosted with cream cheese. I still taste it, mm,mm. So, between celebrating birthdays (there was 2), we ate, had a great time of fellowship and enjoyed a round of white elephant gift exchange.

My girlfriend Sam decorates cakes and she helped me out a lot! Thank you, Thank you!

CMW is trying to blow out the candles but she doesn't quite have enough lung power or spit control to blow them out yet.
(Jim, CMW & Cousin J.)

It's crazy to think our little lady is now 2 yrs old. How exciting! Her check up was just last week and she weights 23.4 lbs. and is 30" tall. Just a petite girl and she's doing well, according to Dr. Hordvik!
(CMW stealing a cookie off the sweets table at the Sister's Family Christmas gathering.)
The Family!

Since we did not remember to bring our own camera, Aunt Ginny took these pictures for us. Sunday the 6th is the actual date for CMW's birthday and before heading up to the Twin Cities we visited the mall for some Christmas shopping & some play time for C. She did not want to get in that car seat, it was not a good ride down and she remembered. Her dad took her to the play court for kids and she ran and climbed all over those germ infested toys and then we sanitized her. She also got to ride the Carousel at the mall and she really did enjoy it.
We had a wonderful weekend of seeing family and friends and a wonderful time Celebrating C's 2 years of Life! What a gift we are given by our good Lord.

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