Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our weekend...

Our weekend started on Friday, like some, you relax and praise that it's Friday and the weekend is here. Well for the Waa's it was not this way this weekend.

Friday night started with putting in this new light starting at 8:30 pm. Our old, most likely 40 yrs old was wearing out and we had to keep hitting the end or turning on/off the switch to make it work. It was a bit annoying and it finally got the best of Jim. So our light is in but we still need to move it up a bit and get different bulbs. Fluorescents are a bit much.
I got to sew and sew some more. I finished this scarf that I made from 5 fat quarters. The material reminds me of Spring and Easter time, so it might have to come out later on.
I made this bib on a trail and error basis. I now know I need to have the front and back matching and i'd make the neck a bit different but i still like it and it will work for CMW. I'll be making more for gifts. It as snaps on the side so one can wash the bib flat.
And I couldn't resist making these simple cute patch-work bags.
I think they would look cute as mini easter baskets, potpourri holders or a little girls bag.
A clutch purse for a girlfriend. A simple 'night on the town' clutch.
It was so fun to make. :-)

Jim also has been working on the basement, removed the entire ceiling, these are the tiles that are left for removal, boy does the basement smell better with those gone. :-)

He also put in 6 new light (last weekend) in the 'Man Cave'... the room he's working on.

And he's building walls to insulate and sheet rock. We are working on finishing the basement... or at least this room. Then it will be warmer and nicer to be down and we'll feel like having people over for movies and gaming more often.

And better yet, he took care of CMW most of the day, washed and put away the dishes and stripped the bed and put new sheets on. Sweet, what a guy! I just loved my weekend, it was a great! SIL Julie came over with nephew J to visit, Sunday church had a great message & worship and in the evening SIL Julie and MIL Jane along with Jim, we all rearranged MIL Janes living/dining room. Oh, how it was great fun and productive too!

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