Sunday, October 11, 2009

One more exciting day at the Waa's with ... Mascara

One more exciting day of the Waa's. CMW had my mascara which I didn't think she would get it open but that skill of turning caps works quite well these days and this is just one of the results.
She was at least accurate of where the stuff goes and she didn't smear it anywhere else, thanks goodness.

Look close and you'll see her new eye make-up and surprisingly, none was in her eyes, just on the outside. So, does this mean she'll be good at make-up some day? hmmm...
I hope she sees herself as so beautiful that she won't need that stuff! Just as my mom encourage me to see myself as beautiful and not needing all that 'face paint'.

P.S. I use to wear clear mascara, why? not sure, but now I graduated to wearing mascara for 'blue eyes' tinted blue. I started wearing mascara again just to have curled lashes and I always wanted to buy one of those eyelash curlers and it took me about 10 years to bring myself to get one.
Does this fancy mascara work?
I'm not sure but some days it makes me feel a bit more dressed up and fancy.
And there are those days that I just need it.

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mattanderin said...

=) I know what you mean about days where you just need that! The days I don't get dressed I end up feeling so lazy & gross all day! Alaena does the same thing with my make up, it's amazing how closely they watch & imitate us!